THANDAV stands for Taking High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Dance to Adolescent girls and women for Victory over NCDs.

THANDAV is a 10-min HIIT routine consisting of 4 loops including a 2 minutes high (80-90% of max Hear Rate (HR) ) to 30 seconds low (50-60% of max HR).


Each 10-min routine consists of a Bollywood / Reginal language / Indi pop / English film / Folk songs choreographed to high intensity (so a single routine will have 4 of the latest hits). The movements are choreographed in a simple and repetitive manner so that they can be done in a loop without much stress.

THANDAV Publication

THANDAV intervention was pilot tested in 23 adolescent girls and all of them achieved 80% of their maximum heart rate  and managed to sustain it throughout the 10-min routine.


A Novel High-Intensity Short Interval Dance Intervention (THANDAV) to Improve Physical Fitness in Asian Indian Adolescent Girls.



Weight loss, health on your mind? Try THANDAV.



Akshaya Bengaluru

“Learning to dance on different songs at one go and learning from a choreographer was a different experience"

Suhaani Bengaluru

"We performed THANDAV loop at every birthday party for 1 month, would practice 1.5 hours daily for some time"

Deeksha Bengaluru

“We taught THANDAV to at least 10 kids, would recommend to all, and told everyone in the apartment- dance is fun way to keep fit"-

Vaishnavi Bengaluru

“To be honest it is great physical activity and learning from a choreographer was awesome".

Harmeen Kaur Bengaluru

“We have to dance for the first two minutes with high intensity, followed by a 30-second cooldown. I do it for half an hour every day. It is very easy, and it also helped me stay fit during the lockdown,”


“I love THANDAV and would like to continue learning more dance routines”

Harpreet Kaur Mother of Arshnoor Kaur

“Dance is happiness for my child, so THANDAV is happiness for my child.”

Payal Raheja Mother of Sameeksha Raheja

“School life is very boring. There is too much sitting and learning, THANDAV gives them a break from their routine”

Sivabhanu Father of Hasini

"My child is very social but does not like to do things when she is alone. So THANDAV gave her a perfect opportunity to do physical activity as there was a group of people, music and dance"

Viji Mother of Nakshatra

“My daughter loves THANDAV and practices daily. She thoroughly enjoyed THANDAV and is very fit now THANDAV as well ”

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Let's Dance Together for health!!

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